Five Cheapest Places To Buy Property In Poland

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A beautiful and mesmerizing country with beautiful nature, glamorous mountains and lovely beaches stretching all the way to the Baltic Sea Poland is undoubtedly a popular place to visit. It is also much cheaper than other European countries and which makes it very affordable place. Poland has an abundance of natural resources including salt mines and dense wildlife. Whoever loves nature and wants to live near nature would like this country.

Although some big cities in Poland are quite expensive, there are some places where you can buy incredibly cheap property. The five cheapest places to buy property in Poland are below.


Fifth on our countdown is Lodz, which is an interesting place to visit especially if you are in Warsaw as it is close by It is Poland’s third largest city but does not have the hustle-bustle of Krakow and Gdansk. Property prices in Lodz are less than that of other cities in Poland.

Lodz is home to several museums, theatres, higher education institutions, and amazing places to visit.  You can buy apartments at an average price of 60,000 EUR in Lodz.

Piotrkowska Trybunalski

Piotrkowska Trybunalski is a city located in central Poland and is the second largest. This place is not as popular as other cities, but there are many unique places to explore so worth a visit, including some very beautiful palaces and old buildings.

You can buy property here at an average price of 40,000 EUR. The price of a property is even lower in some areas.


Poznan is another famous city in Poland and is the centre of education, sports, and tourism and an important academic location, so always worth a visit.

It is the fifth biggest city in Poland and has some very interesting places to see in the old town. You can buy a beautiful and well-furnished apartment in Poznan at an average price of 45,000 EUR.


Coming in third on our list is Biecz, which is a town and municipality in south east Poland. It is in the Carpathian Mountains and has a rich history. There is amazing nature here with  many beautiful places to visit. The town of Biecz is referred to as “Little Krakow” and has a large number of regal buildings and developing businesses.

The price of a property is reasonable in Biecz.  You can buy property here for an average price of 40,000 EUR.


Oświęcim is a small town in Poland and is known for its memorials and museums. This place has beautiful artifacts, medieval castles, and the museum Auschwitz-Birkenau. It also has beautiful churches, important centres of commerce and is blessed with four decent seasons.

Property is relatively cheap here, and it’s a good place to live. You can buy property at an average price of 20,000 EUR.

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None wants to book a flight only to realize later on that there are no available, cheap hotel rooms in the area. You would then either going over your budgets and stay at an expensive hotel or check for undesirable options, like a hostel or cheap rental apartments with extremely low ratings.

Such issues can be easily eliminated by opting for holiday bundles, which should include a viable accommodation, an affordable hotel for a particular number of nights along with the airfare as well. It is imperative for you to look into all-inclusive packages. Even if you do not think you will require everything, some of these deals are extremely affordable. Check out what is included in the deal. If there are things that you know you will be using, such as dinner discounts, WiFi, golfing, etc, then it perhaps be an affordable option for you to pay for it all up front in a travel deal.

Holiday Deals For Certain Destinations

If you do not already have your heart set on a particular destination, you can easily browse through all the current  last minute travel packages deals to determine which packages are currently available to you. you can easily narrow down the results if you need to consider aspects like the airport, price, number of nights, etc. Travel deals keep updating the ‘packages’ constantly with daily, weekly, and monthly deals. You may also consider signing up for the newsletter or install apps to get quick alerts. Check out for more details

It is always a great idea to read reviews on discounted hotels or resorts showing up in holiday bundles before you make your final decision. Ensure the package include discounted flights and cheap hotels with all the vital enmities you want. Do consider the map of the city to determine exactly where the hotel is located in proximity to the airport along with other attractions you plan on visiting during your holiday. Ensure to have discounted rental car services included in the packager too.

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