Core Building Hockey Passer Drills

hockey passer

One of the best training aids for strengthening core skills is a hockey passer. It may not seem like such a big deal, but knowing how hard to slap the puck and when makes all of the difference in the world. In order to play as a successful team player, you have to know how to pass the puck, and to receive it in a way that is ultimately going to win the game. The one tool that can help you achieve perfect passing and receiving skills is a hockey rebounder. Don’t believe it? Go ahead and try these drills and see how they feel:

Stretch Pass

It might not seem like something that could be beneficial, but wait until you are in a game and somebody slaps a wild puck at you. Having the speed and agility to snatch the puck and gain control of it can win the whole game. Stretching helps the body to stay loose, so it is a win-win strategy to practice this kind of drill.

First: Assuming that you have a flooring solution such as synthetic ice, or dryland hockey tiles in place set your hockey passer two feet in front of you, then about four feet to the left.

Second: Position yourself so that you are in line with the puck rebounder, and set your puck on the flooring where you can slap it towards the passer.

Third: Slap the puck firmly towards the puck rebounder and allow it to come back to you. Repeat this three times to get warmed up.

Fourth: Slap the puck at the passer, but this time allow it to pass your body and go a foot to the right of you. Stretch your body to the right so that you can hit it back.

Fifth: Repeat the step above over again and allow to pass you on the right a few inches further each time. This way you stretch your body. Allow the puck to pass you to the right as far as you can possibly let it, and slap it back to the rebounder each time. When you are done with that side of your body, switch hands, and place the passer on the right side of you.

Pass and Shoot

For this exercise, you will need a hockey shooting tarp and a pile of pucks. This is the type of drill that will strengthen your passing, receiving, and shooting skills. When you practice a certain shot, over and over again you become an expert at it. Quick repetition builds your hand-eye coordination and your accuracy skills.

First: Position your hockey passer in about the same fashion as you did in the last drill, approximately four feet to the left, or right of you, and two feet ahead. This time, make sure that you are facing your hockey tarp.

Second: Drag a puck front and center of you, and be ready to slap it. Depending on which side of you that you placed the rebounder on, position yourself so you are ready.

Third: Pass the puck to the rebounder and allow it to come back to you, but pass you so that it is completely on the other side of your body. From that angle, take a snipe shot into one of the targets of your shooting tarp.

Fourth: Repeat this three or four times, then switch the passer to your other side and repeat the drill on the opposite side. As you get more comfortable with the drill, increase the speed of your movements. Hit the puck a little harder to the rebounder, and allow it to get a little heat behind it when it comes to you.


You can practice these drills as often as you would like. Remember that you can control how fast you go and the force of the puck when it comes back to you. Don’t slack off when it gets difficult, keep pushing. This is how you score points and win games.

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Five Cheapest Places To Buy Property In Poland

Buy Property

A beautiful and mesmerizing country with beautiful nature, glamorous mountains and lovely beaches stretching all the way to the Baltic Sea Poland is undoubtedly a popular place to visit. It is also much cheaper than other European countries and which makes it very affordable place. Poland has an abundance of natural resources including salt mines and dense wildlife. Whoever loves nature and wants to live near nature would like this country.

Although some big cities in Poland are quite expensive, there are some places where you can buy incredibly cheap property. The five cheapest places to buy property in Poland are below.


Fifth on our countdown is Lodz, which is an interesting place to visit especially if you are in Warsaw as it is close by It is Poland’s third largest city but does not have the hustle-bustle of Krakow and Gdansk. Property prices in Lodz are less than that of other cities in Poland.

Lodz is home to several museums, theatres, higher education institutions, and amazing places to visit.  You can buy apartments at an average price of 60,000 EUR in Lodz.

Piotrkowska Trybunalski

Piotrkowska Trybunalski is a city located in central Poland and is the second largest. This place is not as popular as other cities, but there are many unique places to explore so worth a visit, including some very beautiful palaces and old buildings.

You can buy property here at an average price of 40,000 EUR. The price of a property is even lower in some areas.


Poznan is another famous city in Poland and is the centre of education, sports, and tourism and an important academic location, so always worth a visit.

It is the fifth biggest city in Poland and has some very interesting places to see in the old town. You can buy a beautiful and well-furnished apartment in Poznan at an average price of 45,000 EUR.


Coming in third on our list is Biecz, which is a town and municipality in south east Poland. It is in the Carpathian Mountains and has a rich history. There is amazing nature here with  many beautiful places to visit. The town of Biecz is referred to as “Little Krakow” and has a large number of regal buildings and developing businesses.

The price of a property is reasonable in Biecz.  You can buy property here for an average price of 40,000 EUR.


Oświęcim is a small town in Poland and is known for its memorials and museums. This place has beautiful artifacts, medieval castles, and the museum Auschwitz-Birkenau. It also has beautiful churches, important centres of commerce and is blessed with four decent seasons.

Property is relatively cheap here, and it’s a good place to live. You can buy property at an average price of 20,000 EUR.

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Native Vs Cross-Platform- What To Choose For The Next App Development Project

App Development

Developing mobile applications might seem easy in the very beginning but it is the process that goes through several phases and stages to bring out the exact result. Moving on to the numbers, then there are over 5 million mobile applications available in the market, and more are getting added to the list and more are about to make a mark!

Till mobile app idea and taking that app idea to a leading mobile app development company is still easy, however, when it comes to a deciding factor about which way to go is then a challenging task, i.e- choosing a native app development platform or cross-platform app development.

For an old lad or businesses operating from many years into the world of mobile application, choosing an app development platform is a walk in the garden, however, when it comes to startups or someone who is new to the world of app development, for them, choosing app platform is challenging. A wrong decision and their app is losing all the essence.

Thus, it is crucial to understand both platforms to get started with one. There are chances when an organization would like to target a particular kind of audience, and sometimes, they would like to target the whole market in one go. Keeping the importance and their pros in mind, here is the article showcasing the importance of native and cross-app development platform.

By going through the short & crisp explanation about them, it will be easier for a startup or a novice to know which way to go first.

Let’s get started-

What is Native App Development?

Native app development showcases that the app is made exclusively for a single platform, the platform can be iOS, Android, Windows. Here all the tools, programming languages, and other technologies are specific to a single platform.

These apps are known for providing an outstanding user experience due to their high performance and robustness. All the things here are highly made as per the UX for exclusively offering high-quality performance for the users.

Above all, native apps are a little on the costlier side.

Why choose a native app development platform?


Native apps are faster as they are dedicated to working for a particular platform, app developers it can be iOS or Android. The elements here are many times come preloaded and the user data is fetched from the website instead of taking the same from the application.


Native applications can also work offline, one can manage using it without centurylink internet connectivity.


Because native applications are made for a particular platform, it results in offering a better user experience. This altogether helps the application to get a higher ranking factor and support.


As native applications are made for the particular platform, the speed of updates also becomes higher, faster, and smooth. Though time and cost factor also increases with native app development as the app has to be made for both the platforms separately.

What is a cross-platform app development?

The next app development platform is the cross-platform app development. It is the way through which developers develop one single app for different platforms. The cross-platform app nicely works for several platforms.

Comparing cross-platform app development with native app development, the former one saves time, cost, however, it does provide a little lesser quality like native app provide. Making an application for several platforms requires additional settings, abstraction layers, and other processes, which simply results in lower performance compared to native apps.

Pros of cross-platform app development

Less costlyhttp://

When comparing the native app’s cost with the cost of cross-platform app development, the latter is less costly as developers will be developing a single app for various platforms.

Faster development

With cross-platform app development, a single set of codes, technologies, and others are used for developing the application. This results in faster development of the application.

Audience reach

By opting for cross-platform app development, you will simply be targeting more number of users from both platforms.

Platforms consistency

The UI differences between iOS, Android are smoothly handled by default when opting for cross-platform app development. Also, here the same codebase is being used for developing the application.

These are just a few differences between both the platform, and there are more in the list that should be taken into consideration when getting started with the app development.

For that matter, a team of experts and a mobile app development firm can surely help in making a startup align to the right app platform which can align to the app need also.

Both the platforms- native and cross-platform have their own set of plus, minus as per the requirement of the application development. Thus, it is advisable to look ask for help as & when required to take the right path without wasting a lot of time, cost, and resources.

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Se Till Att Din Bil Inte Är En Trafikfara


Det finns många lagar som reglerar som dikterar vad vi får göra och hur vi ska agera i trafiken. Det finns också regler för våra fordon och däck som vi måste följa. Allt detta syftar till att göra oss säkrare i trafiken och att de fordon som vi kör är säkra och att vi använder alla dess säkerhetsfunktioner, för att minska dödligheten i trafiken. Att ha en ny bil med nya däck hjälper alltid till att höja säkerheten i trafiken.

Trafikreglerna anger de högsta hastigheterna som vi får köra, för att säkerställa att vi kan hantera säkert och stanna inom vissa avstånd. Det finns bestämmelser för övergångställen som att vi inte får köra om andra bilar nära dem eller parkera nära dem. Hela syftet är att göra vägarna säkrare, att minska antalet olyckor som kan inträffa. De vägar som har många olyckor har ofta begränsningar för att köra om bilar och vägmarkeringar som reglerar vad som är tillåtet. Detta minskar antalet olyckor så att du kan köra säkrare.

Bilarna har nu obligatorisk användning av säkerhetsbälten och användning av krockkuddar eftersom de har visat sig förbättra säkerheten avsevärt. Även användningen av vinterdäck under vintersäsongen regleras och det minsta tillåtna mönsterdjupet. Alla dessa syftar till att öka säkerheten, bilen måste också klara en bilbesiktning och se till att bilen är i gott skick och säkert att köra. Utan att passera testet får du inte köra bilen. Bilen måste genomgå regelbunden bilservice och du bör även utöver det utföra bromsservice, oljebyte och däckservice för att försäkra dig om att bilen är i bra skick. Med regelbunden service så kommer bilen att hålla längre.

Korrekt underhåll av bilen och att följa bilens servicemanual bör vara det minsta nivån av bilservice som du bör göra men du bör helst göra ännu mer. Se till att bilverkstaden du använder dig av är auktoriserad och kan stämpla servicehandboken så att bilens garantier fortsätter att gälla. Att ha säkerhetsbälten på och inte köra över hastighetsgränsen är också saker du bör följa när du kör, men också att du har vintergodkända däck när du kör på vintern. Det är förbjudet att köra med däck som inte är vintergodkända om du har snö på vägarna, eftersom det är farligt då de inte har rätt mönster för att hantera snö, slask och is. De blir också hårda vid låga temperaturer vilket minskar däckens grepp.

För däcken måste du verkligen se till att de är i gott skick, ha ett tillräckligt mönsterdjup och att du byter till vinterdäck innan vintern anländer så att du har tillräckligt grepp och kontroll för säker körning.Även saker som inte är obligatoriska är fortfarande bra att kontrollera, som att kontrollera att däcken har rätt däcktryck. Lågtrycket är dåligt för däcken eftersom det kan skada däckstrukturen och det kommer att leda till värmeuppbyggnad. Detta gör att däcken sliter snabbare. Lågt däcktryck leder också till högre rullmotstånd som påverkar bränsleförbrukningen negativt. Försök också att rotera däcken när du byter mellan sommar- och vinterdäck.

För mer information om bilservice och underhåll, besök:

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Vet Du Når Bilen Din Trenger Bilservice Neste Gang?


billige dekk

Det er ikke alltid lett å vite om bilen din trenger service, men siden bilens sikkerhet og tilstand avhenger av hvor godt vedlikeholdt bilen er, er det viktig å holde den godt vedlikeholdt. Standard biltjeneste, som er basert på antall kilometer, er ganske lett å vite når den neste kommer. I dag har de fleste biler informasjonen lagret i bilens informasjonssystem, og den varsler deg når du nærmer deg tiden for service. Det anbefales imidlertid alltid å dobbeltsjekke servicehåndboken, slik at du alltid er klar over hvilken kjørelengde bilen din trenger bilservice.

Bilservice utføres ikke så ofte at det er arbeidskrevende, og siden det er viktig for kjøretøyets generelle tilstand og sikkerhet, bør det gjøres uten forsinkelse. Uansett om varsellampen lyser eller ikke, må du ta bilen til garasjen din for å få den reparert. En full service tar noen timer, så du lar ofte bilen stå om morgenen samme dag du har bestilt service, og deretter henter den om ettermiddagen eller kvelden. I noen tilfeller kan du få leiebil mens bilen din er i bruk.

Under service av bilen din, vil verkstedet gå gjennom listen over deler for å sjekke i henhold til bilens servicehåndbok. De vil erstatte delene som må byttes ut, slik at du har en fullservice bil på slutten av dagen, med alle hoveddelene sjekket, og du vet at støtdempere, bremser og styremekanisme er i god stand. Når bilen har blitt betjent vet du at bilen er i god stand og at små og store problemer er identifisert og reparert.

Bilen din kan trenge mer service før neste rutetjeneste, da det også avhenger av hvordan bilen kjøres, hva forholdene er og hvor stor arbeidsbelastningen er. Hvis du noen gang føler at bilen ikke oppfører seg ordentlig, eller hvis du hører noe støy, bør du ta turen innom et verksted og sjekke problemet. I tillegg til vanlig bilservice, skal dekkene også vedlikeholdes. Du kan skifte dekk mellom sommer- og vinterdekk, og du kan da få dekkbetjening, men dekkene bør sjekkes regelmessig for å sikre at de er i god stand.

En god måte å vite hvilken service det kan være behov for på bilen din mellom de planlagte rutene. De går gjennom bilens viktigste komponenter og ser om noe er nødvendig for ytterligere service, for eksempel. bremseservice eller hvis det er behov for oljeskift. Den går også gjennom lysene, dekkene, sjekker andre væsker og eksosanlegg.

Sørg for at bilen er vasket, at du har vaskevæske og at dekkene har riktig lufttrykk resten av året. Feil lufttrykk fører til økt slitasje og høyere drivstofforbruk. Kontroller også dekkens tilstand og mønsterdybde. Hvis du har en mønsterdybde på mindre enn 4 mm, bør du kjøpe nye dekk og få dem byttet ut med de nye. Hvis dekkene har en forskjell på mer enn 2-3 mm i mønsterdybde mellom dekkene foran og bak, bør du rotere dekkene for å utjevne forskjellen. Dette er viktigere for elbiler og hybrider.

For mer informasjon om bilservice, besøk:

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Varmista, Että Autosi Ei Aiheuta Vaaraa Liikenteessä


On olemassa monia lakeja, jotka säätelevät sitä, mitä saamme tehdä ja miten toimia liikenteessä. Ajoneuvollemme ja renkaillemme on myös sääntöjä, joita meidän on noudatettava. Kaiken tämän takana on liikenneturvallisuus ja ajamiesi ajoneuvojen turvallisuus ja että käytämme kaikkia auton turvatoimintoja liikenteen kuolleisuuden vähentämiseksi. Uusi auto, jossa on uudet renkaat, auttaa aina parantamaan liikenneturvallisuutta.

Liikennesäännöissä ilmoitetaan enimmäisnopeudet, joita saa ajaa, jotta voimme varmistaa auton turvallisen käsittelyn ja tiettyjen etäisyyksien pitäminen jarruttaessa.  Kävelyteille on annettu säännöksiä, kuten se, että emme saa ohittaa muita autoja niiden lähellä tai pysäköidä niiden lähelle. Tarkoituksena on tehdä teistä turvallisempia ja vähentää mahdollisten onnettomuuksien määrää.Sellaisilla teillä joilla on tapahtunut useita onnettomuuksia on usein rajoituksia ohittamiselle ja  merkintöjää, jotka säätelevät sallittua ajokäytöstä. Tämä vähentää onnettomuuksien määrää, jotta voit ajaa turvallisemmin.

Autoissa on nyt pakollista käyttää turvavöitä ja turvatyynyjä, koska niiden on osoitettu parantavan merkittävästi turvallisuutta. Talvirenkaiden käyttöä talvikaudella säännellään myös ja pienintä sallittua urasyvyyttä. Kaikkien näiden tarkoituksena on lisätä turvallisuutta, auton on myös läpäistävä katsastus ja on varmistettava, että auto on hyvässä kunnossa ja turvallinen ajaa. Et saa ajaa autoa läpäisemättä katsastusta. Autolle on suoritettava säännöllinen autohuolto, ja sinun tulee myös suorittaa jarruhuolto, öljynvaihto ja rengashuolto varmistaaksesi, että auto on hyvässä kunnossa. Säännöllisellä huollolla auto kestää kauemmin.

Auton yleisen kunnossapidon ja auton huolto-ohjeiden noudattamisen tulisi olla vähimmäistaso, jonka sinun pitäisi tehdä, mutta mieluiten enemmän. Varmista, että käyttämäsi autokorjaamo on valtuutettu ja voi leimata huoltokäsikirjan, jotta auton takuut pysyvät voimassa. Turvavöiden käyttäminen ja nopeusrajoituksen noudattaminen ovat myös asioita, joita sinun on muistettava ajaessasi, mutta myös se, että sinulla on talvikäyttöön hyväksytyt renkaat talvella ajaessasi. On kiellettyä ajaa renkailla, joita ei ole hyväksytty talvikäyttöön, jos tiellä on lunta.  On vaarallista ajaa sellaisilla renkailla, koska niillä ei ole oikeita kuvioita lumen, loskan ja jään käsittelemiseksi. Ne kovenevat myös matalissa lämpötiloissa, mikä vähentää renkaiden pitoa.

Renkaiden osalta sinun on todella varmistettava, että renkaat ovat hyvässä kunnossa, niissä on riittävä urasyvyys ja vaihda talvirenkaisiin ennen talven saapumista, jotta sinulla on riittävä pito ja hallittavuus turvallista ajamista varten. Jopa asiat, jotka eivät ole pakollisia, on silti hyvä tarkistaa, kuten tarkistaa, että renkaissa on oikea rengaspaine. Matala paine on huono renkaille, koska se voi vahingoittaa renkaan rakennetta ja johtaa lämpötilan nousuun. Tämä saa renkaat kulumaan nopeammin. Matala rengaspaine johtaa myös korkeampaan vierintävastukseen, mikä vaikuttaa negatiivisesti polttoaineenkulutukseen. Yritä myös kierrättää renkaita vaihdettaessa kesä- ja talvirenkaiden välillä.

Lisätietoja auton huollosta ja kunnossapidosta on osoitteessa

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5 Bestselling Supplements from Nutrabay Pure Series Range

5 Bestselling Supplements from Nutrabay Pure Series Range

A person who is into fitness and bodybuilding will know the importance of whey protein. It has become an indispensible part of fitness routines and certainly for the good. If your aim is to get high quality protein for muscle building, improving your athletic performance, and building strength for intense workouts, then a whey protein supplement is your best bet.

There are many kinds of protein powders available that’s why it becomes all the more important to choose a supplement that is perfect for your fitness goals and needs. Go through the complete range at and find the best whey protein. Nutrabay is one of the bestselling fitness and wellness supplements brands in India. It is known for its amazing quality and offers a wide variety of supplements to suit variable needs. If you’re looking for the best whey protein powders, then Nutrabay is the one stop solution.

Nutrabay Pure Series falls under the Nutrabay brand umbrella and it provides specially formulated and targeted supplements to ensure that you accomplish your fitness goals in the best possible manner.

Listed below are the 5 bestselling supplements from the Nutrabay Pure Series range.

1. Nutrabay Pure Series L-Arginine

L-Arginine is an amino acid that changes into Nitric Oxide (NO) in the body. And NO is a powerful neurotransmitter that helps relax blood vessels and also helps improve circulation. It contributes towards muscle growth as it is the main component needed for protein synthesis. While muscle mass increases, it also signals muscle cells to release growth hormones and also promotes fat metabolism. This ensures you get well-tones lean muscle mass.

It is best taken as a pre-workout supplement. Consume 1-2 servings per day or as suggested by your dietician. The main benefits are – promotes muscle pump and improves endurance. By supporting enhances blood flow, L-Arginine promotes muscle pump especially during intense workouts.

Nutrabay Pure Series L-Arginine is one of the bestselling L-Arginine supplements online in India. It is affordable, delivers great results, and is suitable for both beginners and advanced level athletes.

2. Nutrabay Pure Series Citrulline Malate

Nutrabay Pure Series Citrulline Malate is one of the top selling supplements on Citrulline Malate is an amino acid compound which has become popular because it delays the onset of fatigue, and this becomes highly beneficial for intense workout sessions. Citrulline Malate helps in clearance of ammonia from tissue muscles and blood, reduces fatigue, and reduces post workout exercise soreness after high intensity workouts. Some of the main benefits are  – it helps with faster recovery, improves endurance which means you can give a little extra to your workouts, promotes greater flow to the muscles helping in muscle building.

It is available in an unflavored powder form, so you can easily mix it with your favorite beverage of dessert recipes to get all the benefits. It works best when taken as a pre-workout supplement. Consume 1-2 servings per day, or as recommended by your dietician.

3. Nutrabay Pure Series BCAA 2.1.1

BCAA supplements have gained a lot of popularity in the recent times. Branched chain amino acids are components of protein that help to maintain muscle tissue especially during strenuous workouts. They mainly function as anabolic agents which allows the body to maximize fat loss and minimize muscle loss. Nutrabay Pure Series BCAA is known for its great results and the supplement is complete value for money as well.

The main benefits if Nutrabay Pure Series 2.1.1 are – BCAA leucine stimulates muscle protein synthesis which provides maximum muscle gain, it decreases muscle damage, reduces the length and severity of delayed onset of muscle soreness. You can have it early morning, as a mid-meal snack, pre or post workout, or before bedtime.

4. Nutrabay Pure Series L- Glutamine

Next on the list of best Nutrabay Pure Series supplements is Nutrabay Pure Series L-Glutamine. Glutamine is the most common amino acid found in your muscles. It is also the main transporter of nitrogen to your muscle cells. When you indulge in intense workouts, the nitrogen levels might deplete which will ultimately bring down your stamina, strength, and recovery. Adding a high quality glutamine supplement will be greatly beneficial.

You can have Nutrabay L-Glutamine early morning, in between meals, pre or post workout, or before bedtime. Glutamine drives protein into muscles where it is synthesized for growth and helps in muscle recovery. Having glutamine supplements regularly helps boost immunity by leading to a greater amount of infection fighting cells. Simply mix 1 scoop in 190 – 210 ml of water and blend well. Consume 1-2 servings per day or as suggested by your trainer and dietician.

5. Nutrabay Pure Series Whey Protein Isolate

If your fitness journey is going strong, yet you want to add that extra pump then a whey protein isolate supplement is what you need. Nutrabay Pure Series Whey Protein Isolate is one of the top selling protein powders in India.

Whey protein isolate goes through more purification and processing than whey protein concentrate, which means it has way less fat and lactose content. It is especially formulated to give your body high quality protein for muscle building and quick recovery. Each serving provides 26.7 g of protein, 6.2 g BCAA, and 4.7 g Glutamic acid to ensure faster recovery after intense workouts. Nutrabay whey protein isolate is also enriched with antibodies that help fight diseases and boost your immunity.

All these supplements are easily available on You can easily browse through product categories, read customer reviews, get great deals and discounts, and order your favorite fitness supplements from the comfort of your home and get them delivered right at your doorstep without any hassle.

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Why Should Dubai Be Your Next Luxury Vacation Destination?

Why Should Dubai Be Your Next Luxury Vacation Destination?

Dubai is becoming one of the top tourist destinations in the world. After a few changes, this glorious city is growing to become an evolving country in every aspect. With one of the most thriving business economies, this city is soon to reach a new level of -elite- in a few years. The focus of the Arabs is now only towards promoting luxury, opulence, and tourism. These reasons were enough to lure in the wealth from all around the world, and for it to stay in Dubai for an extensive period.

It is no secret that Dubai breathes glamour and luxury like no other city in the world. The staggering high-rise buildings, popular restaurant chains, and the out of the world vibrancy of this global hub are enough reasons to make Dubai your next tour destination. You should especially do this if you want to relish the luxurious lifestyle of the Sheikh-world. You must be sizing up this astounding city for a while, but there might be some convincing needed. Read the following reasons why you should visit Dubai the next time you get the opportunity to travel.

#1 Unforgettable Desert Nights

Dubai has acres of land to explore, and it is sandy, gorgeous, and out of the world. The striking contrast between the glamorous city life and the moody sands is an experience of a lifetime. To say the least, the landscape of Dubai is spectacular. You can spend your nights in Bedouin tents while you star-gaze the scenic night sky. The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is one of the most renowned tourist spots that everybody has to visit once in their lifetime.

#2 Luxurious Hotels And Resorts

The most exciting part about visiting any country is to stay in a new hotel or resort and treat yourself with quality comfort. When it is about Dubai, envisage stunning buildings and futuristic resorts that make it hard to leave when it is time to go back. Even the cheapest hotel in Dubai is not any less than a 5-star resort of any other country. If you have the budget and want to experience the high-life in its truest form, Madinat Jumeirah living style will suit you the best in Dubai. Other options like Emaar Beachfront are also excellent as you will be able to wake up close to the charming beach throughout your stay!

#3 The Religious History

It is no secret that Dubai is the hub of global cultural diversity. More than that, the rich religious history of this futuristic land is also a wonderful thing to experience. Jumeirah is the most popular spot when it comes to religious destinations as it welcomes people from all gender and denominations. If you want to relish a taste of the Blue Mosque while staying in Dubai, visit Al Farooq Omar Bin Al Khattab Mosque, as it looks exactly like it. The only thing you need to be careful while exploring these religious places is that you should dress conservatively so that it does not seem disrespectful or mocking in any way.

#4 The Scrumptious Food

One thing that any food lover can not tolerate is to travel to a place that sucks in this cuisine department. However, when you talk about Dubai, nobody will ever feel this while visiting it. This large and urban city that is full of wonders is like heaven on earth for people who are crazy for food. As Dubai is the ultimate city for expatriates from all around the world, you will find yourself surrounded by every kind of cuisine. From Arabic to Chinese, Thai, Indian, Italian, and Continental, you can find it all in Dubai. More than that, the presence of all the international food chains like Starbucks, KFC, and Mcdonald’s is a plus as they are extremely affordable as well.

#5 The Phenomenal Shopping Malls

Almost every year, thousands of people visit Dubai with just a single goal – shopping. There is not a single international brand that you can not find in the astonishing Dubai Mall. From luxury brands like Gucci, LV, and Channel to drug stores like Loreal and Mac, you can get your hands on anything that you desire by visiting these malls. Moreover, several festivals are held in Dubai every year that allows shoppers from all around the world to enjoy mind-blowing sales.

Visiting Dubai is truly a lifetime experience! So, get yourself a property on Emaar Beachfront and bask in the glory what this astounding city has to offer!

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5 Delicious Breakfast Recipes Enriched with The Goodness of Protein Powder

Protein Powder

Adding whey protein in your diet is one of the best ways to get high quality protein. But isn’t it plain boring to just have whey protein supplement every day? And when you’re into fitness and bodybuilding protein powders become your best friend. You can benefit from them in various ways and that’s why it is crucial to find the right protein supplement for your needs and consume it regularly.

A lot of people also believe that you can get enough protein from food sources. But when you’re on a fitness journey you cannot just rely on diet. You need good quality supplements to help you provide that extra nourishment and much needed push. Bored of the regular eggs and toast in breakfast and looking to try new recipes? Well, here are 5 amazing ones that are packed with protein and you can enjoy them guilt free!

Mocha Banana Protein Smoothie Bowl

Nothing like fueling for the day with a smoothie bowl in breakfast. This one of packed with chocolate and banana and will keep you energized for a long time. Added goodness of protein powder makes it all the more healthy and tasty.


  • 1 large frozen banana
  • 1 scoop Nutrabay Whey Protein
  • ½ cup milk (you can take almond or soy milk)
  • 1 sachet instant coffee powder
  • 1 cup spinach
  • Few ice cubes

For toppings you can take – cacao nibs, peanut butter, chia seeds, toasted nuts, granola


  • Add all the ingredients in a blender jar and blend well until you get a smoothie like consistency.
  • Transfer it into a large bowl and top it with your favorite toppings – granola, toasted nuts, chia seeds etc.

Healthy Green Smoothie

When your mom used to say eat those greens you should have listened to her. Green veggies are a boon for your health and this smoothie has the perfect balance of taste and health and the best part, it is super easy and quick to make.


  • 1 cup kale leaves (you can take spinach if you’re allergic to kale)
  • 1 cup mango chunks
  • ½ cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 2 tbsp natural peanut butter
  • 1 scoop whey protein powder
  • ½ cup plain Greek yogurt


  • In a blender jar put all the ingredients and mix well until you get a smoothie like consistency.
  • Transfer the contents into a bowl or glass and enjoy.

Coffee Protein Muffins

Coffee and muffins is an inseparable combo! And when we add the goodness of protein powder to your muffin will it not be the best breakfast ever!


  • 100 g almond flour
  • 1 scoop Nutrabay whey protein powder (preferable chocolate or coffee based flavor)
  • 1 egg
  • 2 tsp vanilla extract
  • ½ cup milk (you can take soy or almond milk)
  • ¼ cup plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 shot coffee


  • Preheat the oven at 180 degree C and grease muffin tin and set it aside.
  • In a bowl mix all the dry ingredients – flour and protein powder.
  • In another bowl whisk all the wet ingredients – coffee shot, egg, vanilla extract, milk, and Greek yogurt until you get a smooth lump free consistency.
  • Mix wet and dry ingredients and blend well.
  • Pour this mixture into muffin mould and fill only ¾ of it.
  • Bake for 10 – 12 minutes or until your knife comes out clean when you poke the muffins.
  • Sprinkle with icing sugar or maple syrup and enjoy

Chocolate Protein Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the most preferred breakfast choices all over the world. And when you get the delish taste of chocolate and the power packed punch of whey protein, it becomes a great combination. Try this easy recipe and enjoy a guilt free and healthy breakfast

Protein Powder Can Provide Boost But At What Cost?


  • ½ cup milk (you can take almond or soy milk as well)
  • 1 scoop chocolate whey protein powder
  • 2 tbsp dark chocolate chips
  • 1 tsp stevia
  • Pinch of cinnamon
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • ½ cup rolled oats


  • Whisk milk, protein powder, vanilla extract, and cinnamon in a pan over medium heat for around 3 minutes.
  • Add rolled oats and cook for another 3 – 4 minutes.
  • Pour oatmeal in a bowl, garnish with dark chocolate chips and enjoy this hearty meal.

Pumpkin Protein French Toast

French toast for breakfast is always a good option. And when they are enriched with pumpkin and protein powder, it becomes a double whammy. You can have it with any guilt and get the nutrition of whey protein.


  • ½ scoop Nutrabay whey protein (preferably vanilla)
  • ½ cup egg whites liquid
  • 3 slices whole wheat bread
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp pumpkin puree
  • Honey/ maple syrup/ jam for garnishing


  • Whisk protein powder, vanilla extract, egg whites, cinnamon, and pumpkin puree in a bowl.
  • Grease a non-stick pan and heat it to medium high.
  • Dunk both sides of bread slices in the mixture and place it on heated pan. Cook evenly on both sides until it gets a crisp golden brown color.
  • Serve immediately with honey, jam, or maple syrup.

Check out a wide range of whey protein supplements on And always make sure to consult your doctor and dietician before including any new protein powder in your diet. To avoid any side effects, do not exceed consuming the mentioned dosage on the package.

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Oxidation and Oxidation Number

Oxidation Number

Oxidation is the most important high temperature reaction. Metal or alloy oxidation takes place when it is heated in a strongly oxidising environment, such as air or oxygen. The term oxidation refers to any chemical change in which there is an increase in oxidation number while the term reduction refers to any change resulting in decrease in oxidation number. Thus oxidation proceeds with loss of electrons while reduction is accompanied by gain of electrons.

An oxidation begins with adsorption of oxygen molecules from the atmosphere, nucleation of oxides, formation of a thin oxide layer followed by its growth to a thicker layer. In the simplest form, an oxidation reaction is represented by the interaction of metal with oxygen to form an oxide. How to find oxidation number?, Oxidation number of an element is the change which its atoms have or appear to have in its ions when present in the combined state . It is also known as oxidation state. The oxidation number of an element in the free or uncombined state is zero. Fluorine , the most electronegative element, has an oxidation number of -1 always in all its compounds.

Oxidation Reaction Organic Chemistry

Oxidation reaction is the opposite of reduction. Oxidative reactions are an important process in Nature and constitute one of the most fundamental chemical transformations in organic synthesis. What is oxidation? Oxidation involves the removal of electrons and or hydrogen atoms and the supply of oxygen to another molecule. Oxidation reactions are very important reactions in organic chemistry and many of these reactions are used in synthetic organic chemistry to transform the functionalities of molecules into other functionalities.

Oxidation reactions are also important in the combustion of some compounds that release large amounts of energy in the form of heat. One of the easiest oxidizing agents to recognize is oxygen. We are all familiar with rust, which is a form of oxidation in which oxygen oxidizes metals. There are other oxidising agents and most that are used in organic chemistry typically contain a number of oxygen atoms. Some of the most commonly used oxidizing agents are oxygen, potassium permanganate and ozone.

How To Calculate Oxidation Numbers - Basic Introduction - YouTube

What is the Oxidation Number?

Oxidation numbers provide a way of following shifts in electron density. Oxidation number of an element is the change which its atoms have or appear to have in its ions when present in the combined state. It is also known as oxidation state. Oxidation number of all neutral atoms, molecules, compounds, complexes, and polymeric forms is zero. For example, oxygen in water has an oxidation number of -2, since the pair of electrons in the covalent bond between oxygen and hydrogen to the more electronegative oxygen atom. The two hydrogen atoms will then each have oxidation number of +1.

Oxidation reactions are the main providers of energy for ATP synthesis. Whilst oxidation usually involves incorporation of one or more oxygen atoms, in its simplest form it can be thought of as a loss of electrons. Thus an oxidation number can be defined as the real or hypothetical charge an atom carries in its pure or compound state.

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